Blue Light Laser Separation Machine med Air Purifier

Model/varenr.: 217304
15.822,19  m/Moms
( 12.657,75  u/Moms )
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Blue Light Laser Separation Machine Features:

- Integratet computer with easy to operate graphics interface.
- Use a high precision XY axis operation mode, accurate data, steady operation.
- Use a centered positioning structure, no deviation when you place a screen, simple to operate.
- Closed operation enviroment for extra safty during procedure.
- External powerful Air purifier connected, keep your work environment free of dust and odors.
- Avoid refraction damage to LCD. Other optical fiber laser machine may produce refraction that can damage the LCD, when operating on badly damadged/smashed glass. Blue Light laser Separation Machine uses different techlology to avoid this problem.
- Standard optical laser machines can have difficulties with removing the glass on badly damadged glass because of refcrations. The Blue Light Laser Separation Machine solves this problem perfectly.
- The back glass cover is very easy to seperate and remove after using the Blue Light Laser Separation Machine.
- Warranty: 2 years warrenty on the machine, 1 year warrenty on the laser head.

Power: 180W
Voltage: 110/220V
Product Weight: 16.5kg
Product Size: 420×395×355MM
Package Weight: 22kg
Package Size: 490×475×420MM
Laser Head Power: 25W
Plug: EU

Inside the package:

1×Laser Head, 1×Focal Length Rod, 15×Laser Positioning Plate, 1×Laser Location Bracket, 1× Safty Glasses, 1×1cm Aluminum Foil, 1×3cm Aluminum Foil, 1×Drawing USB Flash Disk, 1×Power Cord, 1×Tool Set; 1×Blue Cover, 1×1M Grey Hose, 1×2M Grey Hose, 1×Activated Carbon Filter, 6×Screws.


Adjust the focal length:

Application of tin foil for badly damaged phones:

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