Display for iPhone 6S Plus ESR Pro (White)

Model: 6011006 L6-44
209,00 Incl. VAT
( 167,20  Excl. VAT )
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Display for Apple iPhone 6S Plus in ESR Pro Quality.

Best aftermarked quality. Almost the same brightness and color rendering as original displays.

Display unit for Apple iPhone 6S Plus ESR Pro in White

Front Cover, LCD Display, Display Glass and Touch Screen (Digitizer)

  • Olephobic Nano Crystal Coating
  • 3M ESR Pro backlight
  • A+++ touch Screen
  • Original polarizer for better contrast

Best quality aftermarked display.

Attention! Only Display / Spare parts, not a new iPhone 6S Plus mobile phone.


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209,00 Incl. VAT
( 167,20  Excl. VAT )
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