Ringke Stainless Steel Case for Apple Watch 4/5/6/SE 40mm Blue (Blister)

Model: 218735 A4-88
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Without glass/screen protection

Ringke Bezel Styling case frame envelope ring Watch 6 / 5 / 4 (40mm) blue (Stainless Steel) (AW4-40-110)

Ringke Bezel Styling Case Frame Envelope Ring For Smartwatch

Protection against scratches

The bezel manufactured by Ringke from the Bezel Styling series is aimed at people who want to make their smartwatch stand out and at the same time protect it from damage. The case is made of strong and light stainless steel. It protects the watch bezel against scratches and creates a slightly raised edge near the screen, which prevents the screen from scratching when it lies on a flat surface.

Full control

The precise fit to the shape of the watch ensures easy access to all its functions. A perfectly made frame fits into the shape of the device. Such a high degree of accuracy has been achieved with modernized CNC milling machines. Thanks to this, the shape and surface of the case is smooth and slim.

It sticks tightly to the watch

A layer of 3M adhesive tape, which is on the inside of the frame, keeps it perfectly on the watch. At the same time, it allows easy removal of the case when you decide to replace it with, for example, a different color.

The case is easy to put on

Everyone can wear the Ringke Bezel Stylink on their smartwatch. 3M adhesive tape ensures easy attachment and removal of the case. Without the slightest damage. The glue allows the watch to be used freely. It is resistant to heat and moisture. Withstands immersion under water for approximately 1 hour.

Caution. The assembly of the frame is a one-time operation, which means that after removing the case, it will not be possible to put it back on the watch due to the wear of the adhesive tape.

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