Battery for MacBook Pro 13" A2159 Mid 2019

Model: 218560 G1-02
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MacBook Battery is compatible with MacBook Pro 13" Retina A2159

The MacBook Battery is compatible with MacBook Pro 13" A2159 Two Thunderbolt Ports Mid 2019

The Battery is Compatible and matches with MacBook Pro 13" Batteri A2171 5100 mAh

58.2 Wh
11.41 V
5100 mAh


For optimal performance, calibrate your newly installed battery:

1. Charge it to 100% and keep charging for at least another 2 hours.

2. Then use your Macbook until it shuts down due to low battery.

3. Finally, charge it continuously to 100%.


Replacing the MacBook Battery requires the following tools:
Pentalobe P5 screwdriver - (5-point.)
Torx T5 screwdriver - (6-point.)


Advantages of this battery:

  • OEM battery - Best quality on the market
  • Brand new battery with 0 charges
  • Battery with good performance and long lifetime
  • protection against overheading 
  • 30 days full return policy
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