Baseus Super Si 1C Fast Charger USB Type C 20 W White (Blister)

Model: 6230002 L2-38
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Baseus Super Si 1C fast wall charger USB Type C 20 W Power Delivery white (CCSUP-B02)

Are you looking for a quick and reliable charger? Baseus presents Super Si Quick Charger 1C. Thanks to such hand set, you can charge your device at home, at work or on trip. The efficient equipment guarantees short charging time – the battery reaches 48% within 30 minutes, while old chargers would reach 15% only.


Brand: Baseus
AC input: 100V-240V-, 50/60Hz, 0,8A Type-C 5V-3A, 9V-2A, 9V-2.22A, 12V-
Output 1,67A, 15V "1,3A 20W Max.
Weight: 49g
With quick charge type-C to IP cable (supplied in the set), it is compatible with:
mobile phones Apple 8 ~ 11 series, Apple 7/7Plus, Apple 6/6Plus, tablet Pad Pro 10,5″ 2017, Pad Air3 10,5″ 2019, Pad Mini 7,9″ 2019
With quick charge type-C to type-C cable, it is compatible with tablets Pad Pro 12,9″ 2020/2018, Pad Pro 11″ 2020/2018

Content of the set:

1 x Baseus charger

Major features

Small size, easy fit for small pockets. Perfect for travels.
Quick charging of iPhones in Power Delivery 20 W technology.
Quick charging in Quick Charge 3.0 technology.
Built-in protection against damage.

Quick charging Power Delivery 20 W and Quick Charge 3.0

The device supports quick charging technologies: Power Delivery 20 W and Quick Charge 3.0 which phones and tablets by Apple and Xiaomi, Huawei and Samsung devices (some models) are based on.

Modern Super Si technology

SI technology, that is silicon elements in the power system guarantee stable and reliable operation of the device and have positive impact on its life.

Compact and handy

The charger is only 49 grams heavy and its size is 78 x 28 x 34 mm. It is super light and compact, and can be easily hidden in the pocket!

Built-in protection

With protection of users and good condition of the equipment in mind, the manufacturer has used the following protection items:

Protection against high voltage
Over-current protection
Protection against overloading
Protection against electrostatic voltage
Protection against shock-circuit
Protection against overheating

Effective heat release

The device does not overheat and does not cause the smartphone to overheat. The protection against damage arising from high temperature is guaranteed by one of built-in protective functions.

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