Display for iPhone XR Black OEM (Toshiba)

Model: 6019004 L3-17
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Toshiba version

Quality OEM consist of:

Original LCD Display, Original Touch with Copy Front Glass

OEM Display Unit for Apple iPhone XR Black (Toshiba Version)

Front Cover Frame, LCD Display, Display Glass and Touch Screen (Digitizer)

Important! There are two different brands of displays for the Apple iPhone XR, produced by the following companies: LG and Toshiba.
It is important when you want to change the screen, to match the new screen with the same brand, as the original.
If the LCD and backlight do not match the original screen, the touch function may stop working a few days after the repair.

You can distinguish between the different brands on the following codes:
(The codes are at the back of the screen)

LG Code: DTP & C3F
Toshiba Code: C11, FVQ & F7C

The problem does not occur when using an Incell display

For all colors.

Attention! Only Display / Spare parts, not a new iPhone XR mobile phone.

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