Remax SMOTH Series Audio Adapter Converter from Lightning to 2x Lightning White

Model: 218432 C1-12
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Remax SMOTH Series Audio Adapter Converter from Lightning to 2x Lightning black (LT RL-LA04i)

Audio Remax SMOTH Series For LT RL-LA04i Adapter

Adapter audio will enable you to use your phone as intensively as you want. Once you connect it to a USB Type-C socket, you get an additional audio output and an output for charging or data transfer. You can power your devices using a Quick Charge protocol and at the same time listen to music or make phone calls through the headset. The adapter is fully responsive and is based on the plug&play rule – it does not require installation of an additional software or application.


  • Brand: Remax
  • Type: Adapter audio
  • Input socket: USB Type-C
  • Output socket: USB Type-C and aux
  • Input current: 5 V/ 2,1 A (max)
  • Material: TPE and aluminium

The set includes:

  • 1 x adapter audio

The most important properties:

  • Fast charging
  • Light construction
  • Small size
  • Fully responsive
  • Plug&play functionality
  • Versatile use
  • Large compatibility

Talk and charge your phone at the same time

Adapter audio will enable you to power the device and at the same time, listen to music or connect a headset. It is a small but reliable accessory that will be perfect for home, office and in a car.

Versatile and compatible

The adapter is compatible with every device equipped with a USB Type-C socket. You can use it for many applications – without limits. Robust construction ensures long use without worrying about a damage.

Simple use

You only need to connect the adapter to the device to use it comfortably. You do not need additional applications or change of setup in your phone.

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