iFixit iOpener Kit (Gel) - Brown box

Model: 211878 B6-02
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What it takes to open an iPad.

Put the heat right where you need it!

  • A simpler and safer way to open a glue-laden device.
  • Heated in a microwave, the iOpener softens adhesive.
  • This kit is designed to service every generation of Apple iPad, but can also be used for many more devices.

Kit Contents:

  • iOpener
  • iFixit Opening Picks set of 6
  • Small Suction Cup
  • Tweezers
  • Plastic Cards
  • Spudger
  • Anti-Static Project Tray
  • Double-ended Opening Tool
  • Phillips #000, Phillips #00, Phillips #0, Torx T5, Sim Eject, and Magnetic Pickup screwdriver bits
  • Black 4mm Screwdriver Handle
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