Ringke Slim Case 2 pc set for Apple Watch 4/5/6/SE 40mm Transparent + Coral (Blister)

Model: 5453504 A9-30
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Without glass/screen protection

Ringke Slim Watch Case 2x set protective case for Watch 6 40mm / Watch 5 40mm / Watch 4 40mm / Watch SE 40mm transparent + Coral (S512R65)

Ringke Slim Watch Case set 2x smartwatch case

Your watch is exposed to various mechanical damage. You can successfully prevent them by choosing a reliable and perfectly fitted case. Ringke product is a high-quality gadget which fulfills its protective role perfectly and, importantly, looks great.


  • Brand: Ringke
  • Size: 40x40 mm
  • Material: PC
  • Installation: Snap-on

Content of the set:

  • 2x case in transparent

Major features:

  • Low weight
  • Perfect adherence to watch
  • High protection against damage
  • Designer look

Perfect fit

In terms of its size as well as buttons and screen holes, the case is a perfect fit for watch. It allows easy and convenient use of the device. Its edges are rounded and the product itself is slender so that the screen is not covered. You do not need to remove the case for wireless charging!

Solid manufacture

The case is made of very light and highly durable polycarbonate. It provides the watch with perfect protection against damage.

Comprehensive protection

The watch in the case is perfectly secured against mechanical damage – cracking or scratching as a result of falls and impact. Also access of dust and moisture to the interior is limited.

Easy installation

  1. Wipe the watch display with a cloth.
  2. Put the case on, starting from the side with a button.
  3. Press the case so that it fits the display perfectly.
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