Baseus Liquid Silica Case for iPhone 13 Pink

Model: 2601638 C3-21
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Baseus Liquid Gel Case Soft Flexible Rubber Cover for iPhone 13 pink (ARYT000904)

Baseus Liquid Gel Case rubber flexible silicone phone case

The Baseus Liquid Gel Case is a tasteful, silicone case that guarantees our smartphone safety and great comfort of use for us. The highest-quality material from which the case is made not only ensures exceptional durability of the overlay, but also its secure grip. Holding a phone equipped with this accessory in your hand, you can fully focus on browsing the Internet or writing text messages. Don't worry that the device will slip.

In addition, the inside of the cover has been lined with a layer of soft microfiber, which takes care of the housing of our smartphone. All these elements together protect the equipment in the event of a fall (absorbing the force of an impact) and against accidental scratching or dirt. In addition, due to its flexibility, the case is easy to put on and take off. Finally, it is worth mentioning the precise cutouts that give easy access to all necessary ports.

It's nice to touch!

The silicone from which the cover is made is extremely pleasant to the touch, and at the same time guarantees a secure grip of our equipment. The best fall protection is ... no falls!

Protection not only from the outside

The case is extremely flexible and perfectly absorbs any shocks. In addition, its interior has been lined with a delicate microfiber, which supports the protection of our smartphone and cares for its housing.

Refined in every way

The accessory has integrated buttons, precise cutouts for ports and raised edges around the screen and camera lens.

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