Dux Ducis Hivo Leather Case for iPhone 14 Plus Brown

Model: 3033005 J4-04
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Dux Ducis Hivo Leather Case for iPhone 14 Plus Elegant Faux Leather Cover Brown

An elegant case made of natural leather. It is a tasteful addition to your phone and a way to protect it from damage. The case is very durable, and thanks to the silicone insert and leather upholstery, it perfectly protects the phone when it falls on the floor.

Inside the cover there are pockets for payment cards or documents, and a larger pocket for banknotes. The case can be used as a wallet.

Material that blocks the RFID signal can be found under the skin layer. This prevents money from being stolen from your account, which could be stolen by a small payment terminal used by thieves.


Brand: Dux Ducis
Model: Hivo
Material: Leather

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